Families are at the UN to call on governments to save lives by legalising drugs.

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Families from across the world tell their stories about what it’s like to live on the front line of the global drug war.

Anyone’s Child is at the UN to tell our stories, because people are needlessly dying as a result of our failed drug laws and it’s time for change.

We are co-hosting a side event with the Czech Government at the upcoming Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) in Vienna in a panel entitled ‘Saving lives by Ending the Drug War.

Conference Room M6 on Monday 12th March, 2.20-3.10pm in the Vienna International Centre, Vienna.

Panelists will include Peter from Belgium, a high-ranking police officer  who lost his brother to a heroin overdose. The loss of his brother coupled with his experience of policing led him to question current drug laws and join our campaign.

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